Albilad Fund of REIT Funds

A group of selected real estate funds in one fund.​.
Invest in real estate in an easy way and for a small amount with a fund that invests in real estate investment funds traded in the financial market “Tadawul” or offered for subscription with the aim of developing capital in the medium to long term and distributing semi-annual profits.​


·         Fund Advantages​:

The fund is distinguished by providing an investment method in the shares of Saudi companies with returns that are compatible with Shariah regulations.​

• Obtaining returns from capital gains and profits from cash dividends realized on a semi-annual basis.

• There are no redemption fees​.

• Possibility to redeem at any time.

·         How to subscribe​:

Opening an investment account with Albilad Capital to carry out subscription and redemption operations


​·         Minimum subscription to the fund​:

Minimum subscription 500 SAR

​      ​​


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