Ensan Endowment Fund​

Your giving has an impact that remains..

Contribute to the care of orphans and be a reason to make them happy to complete their journey and achieve their ambitions with the Ensan Investment Endowment Fund.​


·         Fund Advantages​:

  • Collecting and investing donations for the benefit of the Charitable Society for Orphans Care (Ensan) Capital Development
  • Giving and Paying Sustainability.
  • And distributing a percentage of the proceeds (endowment yield) on an annual and continuous basis to support and care for orphans
  • Profits are spent on the programs of the Charitable Society for 
  • Orphans Care in Riyadh “Ensan” through the association​​​

·         How to subscribe​:

Ease of donating through the Ensan platform to donate by clicking here​.

Or from subscribing to the fund through your investment account with Albilad Capital by clicking here​.


​·         Minimum subscription to the fund​:

There is no minimum for participation through the Ensan Charitable Association

 Terms and Conditions ​

 ​​Review the Fund Terms and Conditions by clicking here

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