Trading Channels

To enable you to execute and complete your investment transactions quickly and effectively, a variety of trading channels are available for you to trade using the latest technologies and tools that help you achieve your investment goals with high efficiency.

Albilad Capital Centers

Our investment centers are fully equipped with advanced technologies and capabilities to serve you and to meet your investment needs helping you to achieve your investment objectives.

The main services offered by our investment centers:
— Direct trading in the Saudi market using devices equipped with the latest technology.
— Access to shares prices and its indices instantly and electronically.
— Investment Funds performance and portfolios reports.
— Investing in Funds.

Phone Trading Service

It allows you to contact the central unit directly for local stocks trading and to execute orders through a team of professional brokers, as well as have access to the latest news in the Saudi stock market.

Online Trading with Albilad Tadawul Platform

The online trading service "Albilad Tadawul" is easy to use and equipped with advanced technologies and tools that help you enjoy a unique investment experience, view prices and buy and sell listed shares in the Saudi market at any time and from anywhere.

This platform has many competitive and advanced analytical tools, including:

— Easiness of trading via the platform and access to lists.
— Full market Watchlist and Custom Watchlists
— Manage symbols with easy add/remove capabilities
— Ability to place buy/sell orders to any company symbol from any window in HTML5
— Prices Menu – Easily accessible with more data in a single page
— Manage your portfolio on the go
— Compare stocks with interactive full screen charts
— Add Favorite symbols to Custom Watchlist with a single click
— Detailed Windows – Prices Details, News and Announcements, Order and Portfolio Details

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