National Metal Manufacturing and Casting Co 17.66 Knowledge Economic City 14.04 Rabigh Refining and Petrochemical Co 9.97 Mobile Telecommunication Company Saudi Arabia 10.72 Batic Investments and Logistics Co 21.54 Herfy Food Services Co 32.2 Halwani Bros Co 53.4 Tihama Advertising and Public Relations Co 70 Alinma Bank 30.25 Gulf Insurance Group 30.05 Qassim Cement Co 67.2 Salama Cooperative Insurance Co 14.48 Nama Chemicals Co 32.45 Dar Alarkan Real Estate Development Co 15.2 Middle East Specialized Cables Co 10.18 Saudi Basic Industries Corp 91.7 Makkah Construction and Development Co 70.7 Alujain Corp. 36.55 United International Transportation Co 58.7 Anaam International Holding Group 20.66 Bank Albilad 38.8 CHUBB Arabia Cooperative Insurance Co 16.58 Saudi Cement Co 54 Allianz Saudi Fransi Cooperative Insurance Co 13.84 Arabian Pipes Co 39.5 Methanol Chemicals Co 23.94 Saudi Telecom Co 39.1 Abdulmohsen Alhokair Group for Tourism and Development 25.16 Jabal Omar Development Co 20.12 Saudi Automotive Services Co 35.2 Al-Rajhi Company for Cooperative Insurance 97.1 Yamama Cement Co 29.45 Saudi Electricity Co 22.92 United Cooperative Assurance Co 7.8 Saudi Kayan Petrochemical Co 11.88 The National Company for Glass Industries 32.95 Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Co 14.94 Saudi Steel Pipe Co 20.04 Al Rajhi Bank 74.7 Arabian Cement Co 34.75 Arab National Bank 27.3 Malath Cooperative Insurance Co 12.78 Jazan Energy and Development Co 13.52 Al Sagr Cooperative Insurance Co 14.64 AYYAN Investment Co. 15.42 Red Sea International Co 26 National Shipping Company of Saudi Arabia 32.4 Jarir Marketing Co 150.2 Bupa Arabia for Cooperative Insurance Co 155.8 Hail Cement Co 11.22 The Company for Cooperative Insurance 93.6 Al-Etihad Cooperative Insurance Co 17.2 Advanced Petrochemical Co 48.75 Saudi Industrial Development Co 10.72 United Wire Factories Co 24.82 Emaar The Economic City 7.52 Yanbu National Petrochemical Co 41.55 Saudi Real Estate Co 12.24 National Gypsum Co 22.3 Fitaihi Holding Group 29.1 Saudi Reinsurance Co. 14.72 Al-Jouf Agricultural Development Co 49.75 Arabia Insurance Cooperative Co 10.72 Al-Babtain Power and Telecommunication Co 21.68 Saudi Advanced Industries Co 25.44 Saudi Research and Media Group 184.8 Dur Hospitality Co 23.1 Tourism Enterprise Co 15.3 Banque Saudi Fransi 37 Ash-Sharqiyah Development Co 59.8 Allied Cooperative Insurance Group 10.52 Sahara International Petrochemical Co 36.65 Saudia Dairy and Foodstuff Co 239.2 Mouwasat Medical Services Co 206 Abdullah Al Othaim Markets Co 119.4 Thimar Development Holding Co. 53.15 Saudi Fisheries Co 26.85 Saudi Paper Manufacturing Co 27.3 YAQEEN PETROCHEMICAL ETF 33.55 YAQEEN Saudi Equity ETF 44.2 Al Jouf Cement Co 12.54 Tabuk Cement Co 14.86 Wafrah for Industry and Development 33.6 National Industrialization Co 11.64 Arriyadh Development Co 19.32 Saudi Investment Bank 16.26 Tabuk Agricultural Development Co 17.16 Eastern Province Cement Co 40 Saudi Industrial Investment Group 23.6 Savola Group 26.7 Saudi Industrial Export Co 35.15 Bank Aljazira 17.7 Zamil Industrial Investment Co 16.04 Al Hassan Ghazi Ibrahim Shaker 18.58 Naseej International Trading Co. 45.1 Astra Industrial Group 57.4 Saudi Arabian Mining Co 62.8 Al-Baha Investment and Development Co 12.88 Basic Chemical Industries Co 34.65 Alkhaleej Training and Education Co 16.44 Amana Cooperative Insurance Co 9.6 Riyad Bank 30.6 Al Gassim Investment Holding Co 24.8 Taiba Investments Co 27.65 Buruj Cooperative Insurance Co 16.68 Yanbu Cement Co 33.1 Arabian Shield Cooperative Insurance Co 15.56 Saudi Chemical Co 29.1 Saudi Arabia Refineries Co 83 Etihad Atheeb Telecommunication Co 59.8 Saudi Industrial Services Co 26.8 Kingdom Holding Co 7.96 Wataniya Insurance Co 15.96 National Agricultural Development Co 26.35 Sinad Holding Co. 10.2 Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Co 11.52 Southern Province Cement Co 49.85 Walaa Cooperative Insurance Co 13.26 Alinma Tokio Marine Co 14.82 Saudi Airlines Catering Co 81.2 Seera Group Holding 21.22 Saudi Enaya Cooperative Insurance Co 9.34 Takween Advanced Industries Co 7.82 United Electronics Co 74.5 Alawwal Invest MSCI Tadawul 30 Saudi ETF 42.1 Northern Region Cement Co 11.12 City Cement Co 21.2 Dallah Healthcare Co 144.8 Saudi Marketing Co 22.24 Umm Al-Qura Cement Co 15.62 Middle East Healthcare Co 34.55 National Company for Learning and Education 94.3 Alandalus Property Co 16.6 Leejam Sports Co 97.7 Al Moammar Information Systems Co 115 Arabian Centres Co 19.9 Maharah Human Resources Co 57.9 Al Kathiri Holding Co 45.85 Thob Al Aseel Co. 36.7 Abdullah Saad Mohammed Abo Moati for Bookstores Co 28.45 Raydan Food Co 25.82 Baazeem Trading Co 61.5 Saudi Arabian Oil Co 32 Lazurde Company for Jewelry 12.7 Ataa Educational Co 64 ALBILAD Saudi Sovereign Sukuk ETF 8.77 Dr. Sulaiman Al Habib Medical Services Group 265.8 Albilad Gold ETF 10.52 Arab Sea Information System Co 77.1 Sumou Real Estate Co 43.7 Amlak International Finance Co. 15.1 Al-Omran Industrial Trading Co 73.3 National Medical Care Co 84.2 Al Yamamah Steel Industries Co 21.28 Aljazira Takaful Taawuni Co 16.04 Bawan Co 27.2 Al Hammadi Holding 46.8 Middle East Paper Co 31.55 Saudi Ground Services Co 21.86 National Building and Marketing Co 229.8 The Saudi National Bank 47.2 Electrical Industries Co 32.4 Saudi Company for Hardware 27.1 Zahrat Al Waha for Trading Co 32.8 Al Alamiya for Cooperative Insurance Co 12.04 Najran Cement Co 12.66 Saudi Public Transport Co 18.3 Almarai Co 53.5 Al Khabeer Diversified Income Traded Fund 6.4 Arabian Contracting Services Co. 119 Advance International Company for Communication and Information Technology 60.2 AME Company for Medical Supplies. 38.55 Alwasail Industrial Co. 20.16 East Pipes Integrated Company for Industry 48.3 Sadr Logistics Co. 36.15 Theeb Rent a Car Co 79.1 Fesh Fash Snack Food Production Co. 153 Mohammed Hasan AlNaqool Sons Co. 60.7 Tanmiah Food Co. 127.6 Alhasoob Co. 225 Enma AlRawabi Co. 18 Development Works Food Co. 154.8 Saudi Azm for Communication and Information Technology Co. 196.2 Raoom Trading Co. 120 Elm Co. 420.4 Aljouf Mineral Water Bottling Co. 29.5 Albilad MSCI US Equity ETF 9.76 Nahdi Medical Co. 183 Natural Gas Distribution Co. 55.1 Banan Real Estate Co. 46.9 Shatirah House Restaurant Co. 71 Jahez International Company for Information System Technology 695 Scientific and Medical Equipment House Co. 69.7 Saudi Parts Center Co. 80.5 Obeikan Glass Co. 89.9 Arabian Internet and Communications Services Co. 239.6 ACWA POWER Co. 142 Gas Arabian Services Co. 62.9 Arabian International Healthcare Holding Co. 46.35 Aldawaa Medical Services Co. 75.1 Alkhorayef Water and Power Technologies Co. 131.8 Watani Iron Steel Co. 51.75 MOBI Industry Co. 56.2 Almasane Alkobra Mining Co. 73.3 Riyadh Cement Co. 30.45 Canadian Medical Center Co. 44 Group Five Pipe Saudi Co. 21.4 Nayifat Finance Co. 17.8 Saudi Tadawul Group Holding Co. 143.6 Almunajem Foods Co. 59 Filing and Packing Materials Manufacturing Co 38.35 Saudi Printing and Packaging Co 16.92 Saudi British Bank 34.25 Gulf Union Alahlia Cooperative Insurance Co. 8.71 National Gas and Industrialization Co 56.5 Etihad Etisalat Co 41 Aldrees Petroleum and Transport Services Co 88.9 BinDawood Holding Co. 57.5 The Mediterranean and Gulf Insurance and Reinsurance Co 7.98 Saudi Ceramic Co 30.1 SABIC Agri-Nutrients Co. 137.4 Saudi Vitrified Clay Pipes Co 40.3 Saudi Arabian Amiantit Co 39.35 Al Abdullatif Industrial Investment Co 17.26 Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries and Medical Appliances Corp 24.16 Gulf General Cooperative Insurance Co 7.77 Alkhabeer Growth and Income Traded Fund 5.92 Naseej for Technology Co. 78.2 National Environmental Recycling Co. 88.1 Ladun Investment Co. 15.64 Saudi Home Loans Co. 20.04 Aqaseem Factory for Chemicals and Plastics Co. 60 Arabian Food and Dairy Factories Co. 105 Academy of Learning Co. 56.4 Retal Urban Development Co. 119.6 Keir International Co. 89.2 Alamar Foods Co. 149.6 Saudi Networkers Services Co. 54.5 The Power and Water Utility Company for Jubail and Yanbu 50 9.14 Molan Steel Co. 42.65 Leen Alkhair Trading Co. 48.9 Sure Global Tech Co. 51 Knowledge Tower Trading Co. 67.2 Americana Restaurants International PLC. 3.7 AlSaif Stores for Development and Investment Co. 85.6 Saudi Aramco Base Oil Co. 106 Saudi Top for Trading CO. 96.8 Alqemam for Computer Systems Co. 68.5 Waja Co. 116.8 Knowledge Net Co. 40.5 Edarat Communication and Information Technology Co. 425 Abdulaziz and Mansour Ibrahim Albabtin Co. 47.95 Perfect Presentation for Commercial Services Co. 209.8 Albilad MSCI US Tech. ETF 10.7 Naba Alsaha Medical Services Co. 50 Arabian Drilling Co. 150.4 Riyadh Cables Group Co. 50.85 Nofoth Food Products Co 163 Balady Poultry Co. 139.4 Naqi Water Co. 65.6 Rawasi Albina Investment Co. 78 International Human Resources Co. 60 Arabian Plastic Industrial Co. 34.5


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The file contains daily basket information.

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