Albilad MSCI US​​ Equity ETF

The largest American companies compliant with Islamic law in one share listed on the Saudi market Tadawul and in Saudi riyals with the symbol: 9406

Pu​rchase Meth​​od:

Fund units can be bought and sold directly through the Saudi Stock Exchange (Tadawul) through Albilad Capital or any other licensed broker in the market like any other share​

Fund Advantages:

• Investing in American Stocks
   Flexibility: ETFs are distinguished by the clarity of their systems and the ease of dealing with their units - buying and selling
• Transparency: It is possible to provide data on the securities included in the ETFs and the net asset value
• Liquidity
• The cost is lower compared to other funds
• Sharia compliant
• Evaluation on a daily basis​

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Investing in securities involves many risks, such as: that the previous performance of the security or the previous performance of the index is not an indication 
of future performance, and there is no guarantee for investors that the performance of the security will be repeated or similar to the previous performance, 
and investment in securities is not considered as a deposit with any bank, And investors should always pay attention that investing in securities or the 
investment instruments associated with them may involve fluctuations in value that reflect a high degree of risk. The investment may experience a sudden 
decrease and a loss equal to the amount invested in it. As the value of the investment in the security is variable and may be subject to increase or decrease, 
Therefore, this type of securities may not be suitable for every investor to invest in. Hence, we advise investors to seek advice from a qualified investment 
advisor before investing in such instruments. Fees imposed on securities, such as fees for buying and selling and other fees imposed on the investment 
account, may apply to them. There are securities that may be difficult for the investor to sell or convert into cash and obtain reliable information about the 
value of the security, or the extent of the risks to which it is exposed. Also, some securities may be dealt with in foreign currencies, Changes in the prices of 
these currencies may have positive or negative effects on the value of the security. In addition, taxes may apply to some of the products and securities invested
in them, as stipulated in the executive regulations of the value-added tax system issued by the Kingdom, which may change from time to time, Albilad Capital 
does not guarantee the possibility of changing tax rates or exemptions, and Albilad Capital can invest in related securities. And we note that the Albilad 
Capital may have provided important advice or services in the business of securities during the previous twelve months to the issuer of the relevant securities 
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