1.      What is Albilad Capital? It is an investment company, owned by Bank Albilad and licensed from Capital Market Authority. It is the Investment banking arm of Bank Albilad offers services that compliant with current regulations and Shariah Principles.

2.      What will happen to my portfolio with Bank Albilad? Your portfolio had been electronically transferred to Albilad Capital. You should not notice material changes for your business.

3.      What will happen to my Investment Account with Bank Albilad?  Your Investment Account had also been transferred to Albilad Capital .

4.      Will my Investment Account number change or my portfolio number? No. There will be no change to your Investment Account or your portfolio number.

5.      Will there be any change in rate of trading commission charged to my currently?  No. We value your relationship and will continue to serve you at the current rate of commission you enjoy. 

6.      What will happen to my non-investment accounts with Bank Albilad?  You will continue to enjoy all the other banking products & services you currently do with Bank Albilad.

7.      If I subscribe for IPOs through Bank Albilad where will the shares be deposited?  The shares will be deposited to your Portfolio with Albilad Capital.

8.      How can I transfer funds to and from my Investment Account? You will continue to use the related services via your current preferred way and delivery channel. Any changes will be communicated in due time via the website of Albilad Capital.

9.      How long it takes to transfer from my Investment account to my current account? The transfer is executed on demand unless there is some hanged purchasing orders.

10.   Will there be a change in my e-Tadawul ID and password? No. To ensure that you do not feel any interruption of service, you will continue to access e-Tadawul via Albilad Capital website using your current user ID and password.

11.   How long will the current e-Tadawul user ID and password be valid for? Currently, no any changes in the users ID or Passwords. However, any changes will be communicated in due time via the website of Albilad Capital.

12.   Can I be serviced by Bank Albilad Branches staff for Albilad Investment Company related activities? Albilad Capital representatives will be more than happy to serve you.

13.   How can I subscribe and refund my investment in the mutual funds? You may visit the main office of Albilad Capital in Riyadh or one of the investment centers that we plan to open.

14.   Do the terms and conditions of my investment account will not change? Currently, the terms and conditions will not change. If there is any changes, we will inform you

15.   Do I need to sign new legal documents related to this transfer? And whether the terms and conditions of my existing Investment Account will continue to be the same? The existing terms and conditions will continue to be valid; However, you will be contacted for updating your records by your Relationship Officer or an Albilad Capital representative.

16.   Does Albilad Capital Comply with Shariah principles? Albilad Capital is the investment banking arm of Bank Albilad and works under the supervision of Shariah board.

17.   Who will serve me? You will be served by Albilad Capital representatives.

18.   If I need some information about my investment whom I contact? Please, contact us our toll-free number: 920003636 or email: clientservices@albilad-capital.com